Terms and conditions

. Membership

1.1 Membership in Spappt.com Reward is granted to only one person per membership number and only physical persons can become members. Membership is registered in the member’s full name with an address, email address, phone number, physical address and date of birth. 

1.3 Any breach of these membership Terms and Conditions or misuse of the membership, can lead to the membership being terminated immediately. Upon such termination, all ReferralPoints earned will be deleted. Suspected criminal breach of these membership Terms and Conditions, or any other committed criminal offense by virtue of being a member of the Spappt.com Reward program, may be reported to the authorities.

2. The Loyalty Program

2.1 Spappt.com Reward is a free loyalty program where members have the opportunity to earn ReferralPoints when booking appointments from the businesses of Spappt.com and from other suppliers of goods and services associated with Spappt.com Reward (”Reward Partners”).

2.2 Spappt.com Reward will continuously try to expand the scope of goods and services which give the possibility to earn ReferralPoints, by adding new Reward Partners to the loyalty program. Members will periodically receive information from Spappt.com Reward notifying them on their current earning opportunities and offers from the Spappt.com.

3. Earning ReferralPoints

3.1 ReferralPoints are earned by members making appointments to the businesses listed in the Spappt.com

3.2 Booking appointment earn ReferralPoints once the payment transaction for that appointment is irrevocably completed. In the case of cancelation of the appointment the earned ReferralPoints for that appointment will also be reversed.  

3.3 ReferralPoints can be earned through referring your friends and families to join spappt.com. You will get ReffaralPoints for every registration. Your referral points will get deducted if  they unsubscribed

3.4 Unused ReferralPoints expire and are deleted every 24 months after the end of the calendar year in which the ReferralPoints were earned. That means that ReferralPoints must be used in the year that they are earned or during the two following years.

4. Withdrawal of ReferralPoints

4.1 The registered amount of ReferralPoints will be available for use once they reach at 2000 points. This can be redeemed towards any upcoming appointment. 2000 points will give $10 worth of  services in any of our listed business.

5. Treatment of Personal Data etc.

5.1 The Spappt.com is responsible for the processing of personal information relating to Spappt.com Reward. The member consents to the personal information given as part of the creation of a profile in Spappt.com Reward, is registered and processed by the Spappt.com.

5.2 The registered information will be used in administration of Spappt.com Reward, including correct registration of ReferralPoints earned, issuing of account balance, general information and marketing material related to Spappt.com Reward membership. Such information may also include information about earning opportunities and offers from Reward Partners.

5.3 Registered information could be shared with other companies within the Spappt.com group or Reward Partners to the extent necessary to ensure the registration of the earned ReferralPoints when purchasing goods and services from the relevant Reward Partner. The Spappt.com shall ensure that the third parties that do receive the personal information under this provision, shall commit to treat this information in a responsible manner in accordance with applicable regulations and this agreement.  

5.4 The Spappt.com may on the basis of comparing and analysing the registered information, identify relevant offers and other information, which could be of interest to the member. The purpose is to provide members with the most relevant information and offers.  

5.5 The information will be treated in accordance with applicable legislation, including the Spappt.com Personal Information Act and the Spappt.com Personal Information Regulation. You can on request, be given access to the information stored about you and request that any possible errors be corrected. In addition, you may opt-out from receiving information about Spappt.com. Personal information that is necessary so that Spappt.com can be able to fulfil a contractual obligation with the member cannot be requested deleted, until all such obligations are satisfied or forfeited.

6. Offers and Information

6.1 The member consents to that the Spappt.com, including other companies in the Spappt.com group and the Reward Partners, may use the information that the member states on the registration form, together with purchase and withdrawal information related to Spappt.com Reward, for the purpose of identifying relevant offers and information.

6.2 The member consents to receive information and offers by mail, e-mail, SMS or other similar means about earning possibilities, products and services from the Spappt.com, other companies in the Spappt.com group or from Reward Partners.

6.3 The member may opt-out from receiving marketing material by selecting the desired options under "My Profile" on spappt.com.

7. General Regulations

7.1 Spappt.com has at any time and no later than one month’s notice, the right to change the existing membership conditions, including the rules about earning and withdrawal of ReferralPoints, also effecting ReferralPoints already earned, together with the cancelation of the program. The member is informed about this via e-mail. Information about changes can also be obtained directly by contacting the Spappt.com.

7.2 The member consents that all communication concerning Spappt.com Reward, including changes to the terms and conditions can be done electronically.

7.3 The Spappt.com waives all liability, resulting from errors with data systems or similar with Business members, Reward Partners or their subcontractors, which prevents or impedes the accumulation or withdrawal of ReferralPoints. This applies regardless of whether the error lies with the  Spappt.com, the Reward Partner or with any of their subcontractors.  

7.5 The member shall treat the login data (username and password) confidential and is responsible that third parties do not get access to the member’s login data. The Spappt.com assumes no liability in connection with stolen, misused or unauthorized access to the login details.

8. Disputes

8.1 In the case of a possible dispute regarding the rules with Spappt.com Reward, Spappt.com law will apply.

Reward will continuously try to expand the scope of goods and services which give the possibility to earn ReferralPoints, by adding new Reward Partners to the loyalty program. Members will periodically receive information from Spappt.com Reward notifying them on their current earning opportunities and offers from the  Spappt.com, together with the Reward Partners. An overview of earning opportunities and offers will also be available at spappt.com.